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Bring the outer world to your next event with an overseas entertainment event that only a sweet and exotic team of geisha's can bring your way. Geisha's with flair and excitement that bring about an atmosphere that is inviting, welcomes everyone and exciting to look forward to. Fantasy Entertainment Productions has your next themed event covered with more than just a pretty face, geisha's that know how to entertain and know how to make your guest feel like they stepped out of the US and into Japan with a flair that is second to none!



Every corporate, private and public event needs the right act for the right audience and Fantasy Entertainment Production's Geisha look takes the innocent and turns it up a notch for every visitors pallete. From a sexy geisha look to the naughty geisha vibe and the innocent all combined into one venue for your special purpose theme. Next Act

Innocent Geisha Model look Sexy Geisha Atmosphere Models Entertainment Geisha Duo Exotic Geisha look by Fantasy Entertainment
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